Welcome to Quantic Lab !


Established in 2006, Quantic Lab is an outsourcing company specialized in all-platform high quality testing solutions. With a decade of experience, Quantic Lab is one of the leading European outsourcing companies, contributing to the release of thousands of projects worldwide (websites, games, edutainment software, business application and more). We are known as a trustworthy QA Business partner and maintaining our good reputation is a lifelong company goal.

We take pride in our work and our business relationships, and we are grateful to our veteran teams for always aiming to impress our clients and being passionate about QA.

Located in Cluj-Napoca, the capital of the region Transylvania, one of the biggest cultural and university centers of Romania, the testing lab is a modern facility equipped with the latest technology.

Since November 2020, we are acting as an independent service provider and part of the Embracer Group.


Quantic Lab is a modern facility equipped with the latest computer technology, mobile devices, game consoles and secured dedicated Internet access. Our services cover a wide variety of platforms/configurations and support the entire product life cycle. Professional QA services require a carefully controlled environment. Our Quality Assurance facility houses high-tech equipment and veteran testers.
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Why Choose Quantic Lab?

High Quality

is what recommends us to new clients. Every aspect our work is meaningful and important, as we are customer centric. We develop great services and use highly skilled testing resources.

Strong Comunication

makes all the difference. It is the most effective way to create a synthesis of diverse ideas in alignment with our main goal: client satisfaction.

Passion and Integrity

we love what we do, we follow through on our promises to customers and partners and we do it with passion.

Flexible and Competitive

we accommodate all customer request and budget, in order to have the best positive impact on the project we are testing.

Evolve and work to make a difference in the QA Industry

we believe it is important that businesses take a conscious perspective to make a difference in the world and the specific industry they operate in. Here at Quantic Lab we always ask ourselves: How can we raise the bar? What is our ecological footprint? What good practices can we share to help others?

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