• Localization (Translation & Proof-reading)
  • Localization QA (In-product Localization)
  • Terminology Support
  • Glossary Creation
  • Text Cosmetics
  • Dedicated Language Managers

Localization is defined as making a product, application or document content adaptable to meet the cultural, lingual and other requirements of a specific region or a locale.

Localization testing is a key part of the software and website localization process. It takes place when a piece of software or a website is being localized for use in a new language and/or region. A localization tester performs tests on it to ensure that the key fundamentals function properly.

Our team consists of highly skilled linguistic professionals spanning over 20 nationalities ready to help you distribute your product all over the world.


Localization Quality Assurance

Linguistic QA

Grammar, translation, fluency, locale-specific elements

Visual QA

Overlapping or truncated text, font issues, text spills, untranslated segments

Functional QA

Incorrect text displayed, corrupted/missing audio, key bindings

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