The Quantic Lab team got bigger and better

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06/02/2022 Quantic Lab

The Quantic Lab team got bigger and better

Computer games have become real art, and for many, it is a passion. They are up to date with the latest appearances in the field, trying to become the best. Gaming seems to be more of a hobby, a method of relaxation.

But those who are really passionate about video games develop certain skills that help them in their daily life. They learn to make decisions, they know how to behave when they are part of a team, they have the ability to react on the spot in extreme situations and they develop their intelligence.

That is why Quantic Lab organized this year a recruitment campaign for those who await a new game and love to spend hours creating strategies and discovering the shortcuts that lead them to victory.

The campaign was a real success and now …. game testers joined our team here at Quantic Lab.