The UK office is open for business

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18/09/2021 Quantic Lab

The UK office is open for business

The UK office is open for business and started on the 6th of September 2021. Located in Brighton, on the South Coast, it will soon be filled with lots of talented people.

Neil Soane, Managing Director of Quantic Lab UK: “It’s a new beginning, an important and natural step for Quantic Lab. The company has grown hugely in the last 15 years and being present in the ever-growing digital hub of Brighton will only help it grow further.”

Stefan Seicarescu, Quantic Lab’s Founder and CEO said “We are all very excited for this expansion to the Quantic Lab family. Quantic Lab has big plans for the new UK office and with a dedicated office in Brighton this is continued proof of our long-term investment plans and dedication to offering high quality services to a global market. In addition, I’m confident that Neil, with his knowledge and contacts, will help us achieve these and many other longer-term goals.”